atainz, accountants, tax agents, institute, new zealand, accountants and tax agents institute
atainz, accountants, tax agents, institute, new zealand, accountants and tax agents institute


How to make a complaint against a Member of ATAINZ

Before you contact ATAINZ to make a complaint we recommend that you attempt to resolve the issue with the ATAINZ Member. If you are unable to resolve the issue then you can lodge a complaint with ATAINZ.

All complaints must either be completed online by clicking here, or be in writing and on the approved complaints form. To download the complaints form click here.

What are the reasons for the Complaint?

The ATAINZ complaints process can only cover an ATAINZ Member where there has been a breach of the ATAINZ Rules or Code of Ethics, such as:

Click here to view the ATAINZ Rules, Code of Ethics and Disciplinary Procedures.

All complaints must be accompanied by a $100 fee.


Complaints about fees

The complaints process does not investigate issues relating to fees. Fees charged by ATAINZ Members are a commercial matter between the member and their clients and are outside of ATAINZ’s jurisdiction.

Where a dispute regarding fees arises you should talk to the member about your concerns with the view to reaching a settlement. If this fails, consider contacting an organisation which medicates commercial disputes. There is usually a cost in using a mediation service.

Be aware that if you choose not to pay the member they may raise a claim against you in a court of law which you will need to defend.

As the accountancy profession is not regulated, there is no schedule of fees for accountants, tax agents, financial planners or advisers. The marketplace determines rates and ensures fees remain competitive.

Fees will vary based on many factors, including the service being provided and the practice’s costs and overheads. Whenever you use the services of a member of ATAINZ you should request a letter of engagement that clearly sets out the services to be provided and the basis on which fees will be charged.


Lodging a formal complaint

If you decide to lodge a formal complaint please ensure that the following information is provided either via the online process or the downloaded form:

Send your completed complaints form to:

PO Box 87475
Auckland 1742

Or email to:  


What happens once a complaint is lodged?

On receipt of your complaint it will be reviewed to determine if this is a matter that can be dealt with by ATAINZ. If ATAINZ can not deal with the complaint you will be advised accordingly.  If ATAINZ can deal with the complaint we will acknowledge receipt and form a Disciplinary Committee to review the complaint.

The Disciplinary Committee will review the details of your complaint and will contact the ATAINZ member for their feedback and may be requested to provide additional information.

Depending on the nature of the complaint this process will take approximately two months, with more complicated issues requiring greater time. We will keep you updated as regards progress.


atainz, accountants, tax agents, institute, new zealand, accountants and tax agents institute