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Board Members

Richard Abel

Nelson - Marlborough
Phone: 03 547 1037

Richard has been a member of ATAINZ since 2004. He was elected to the board in March 2017. In March 2018 he was elected by the members at the AGM as the Chairperson. Richard has been managing an accounting firm in Nelson since 2000 and currently has 9 staff in his practice.


Michelle Nunes-Vaz

Deputy Chairperson
Phone: 835 4222

Michelle trained as an accountant joining the Caanz in 1991. Michelle has four adult children.

Michelle has been a member of Atainz since 2008. She was elected to the board in March 2017.

Michelle still practises accountancy and business consulting full time in West Auckland.

When not working she enjoys exploring the countryside on the back of her husband's motorbike or in her retro caravan. Michelle also enjoys scrap booking with girlfriends, and keeping fit with occasional ocean swimming & mountain-biking riding.

Michelle is very interested in doing what she can to promote to other accountants the benefits of Atainz membership including being involved in regional meetings for professional upskilling, training as well as valued peer support.

Michelle actively supports the strategic direction that the Board as a whole are taking to increase awareness of the professional standards that all members adhere to and recognise as necessary in this changing landscape of taxation that we are presently in.



Rollo Webb

Board Member
Phone: 07 823 3217

Born and bred in Cambridge. Married with two adult children.
I have built an accounting practice from 1 client 15 years ago to over 1200 clients now and still growing at a rate of more than 15% per year.
This was achieved through good strategic planning, including an in-depth marketing strategy.
Being from a small but fast growing town, I have a large range of clients based all over the world from which I have formed my business experience
I am a member of the Directors Institute of New Zealand and have attended a wide range of courses including extensive board governance and strategic planning courses.
I have been a member of both the Society of Accountants and ATAINZ and intend to use my experience in helping the board set the Strategic Plan for the future, knowing first-hand the pitfalls in the Accountants Society and the way they treat their members.
Already a board member I have resigned so as to align board members with the 2 year term for board ember so not all board members will finish their term at the same time.
I am putting my name forward for the Board with no agendas, only to offer 30 years of experience in business and accountancy to help advance ATAINZ to a more professional entity.


Martin Thomas

Board Member
Phone: 09 294 6262

Martin has 35 years of experience with taxation and accountancy and will be a representative in Auckland. He will continue to work as an ambitious collective to increase our membership and front the ever changing tax landscape. He has a staff of 10 in his practice specializing with small business and residential property investment.
There are many strategic challenges and opportunities facing members with new legislation, disruptive technologies and the engine of economic growth very much being driven by the success of our very own business and investment clients.
ATAINZ is uniquely placed to add value across the board for both businesses and citizens of New Zealand. Remembering ‘none of us is as smart as all of us’, as a collective we have the opportunity of developing unparalleled taxation expertise with strength in numbers, and being in a prime position to earn trust as advisors.
Martin joined the board in 2019 and would like to continue to contribute to the board as Treasurer and to accelerate the growth and brand of ATAINZ to benefit all of our members.



Lance Green

Board Member
Whanganui - Manawatu - Taranaki
Phone: 06 348 2333

Lance Green – Born and raised in Wanganui originally with a background in Retail, Commercial and Merchant Banking. Decided that Accountancy was a more rewarding career over 30 years ago and since then has been a Senior Accountant, Associate and Director at three Accountancy firms before commencing Adept Accountants. His clients are many and varied and involved in many activities from farming, retail, contracting, hospitality and investment. The main enjoyment in the position held is being able to assist client’s growth from small beginnings to a business that has a strong future.

Outside accountancy I am an ardent NZ Warriors supporter from day one in addition to enjoying the DIY lifestyle in a smaller regional city.

Lance & Partner Mary have 5 grown up children together with 7 Grandchildren.


Mike Davies

Board Member
Bay Of Plenty - Taupo
Phone: 07 5787371

Mike was elected to the Board in 2016. He has served a term as vice-chairperson and is presently the Director of Standards



Alan Brown

Board Member

Alan joins the ATAINZ Board in 2019 bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and experience, having been a member of ATAINZ since 2001 Alan has been self employed for
Over 30 years and has two successful Accountancy practices - one on Auckland’s sunny North Shore, and the other in beautiful Whangarei.

Each practice has its own unique flavour, but with a specialty towards property investment, small business growth and trusts.

Alan is disciplined, hard working, methodical and motivated. He enjoys active involvement in solving problems and negotiating issues. He is looking forward to being the Voice of ATAINZ and dealing with the coming Business Transformation steps as they unfold.
To ensure our voice is heard in Parliament with any up and coming legislation, as well
as making M.P’s aware of who we are and what we do- a voice for small businesses.
Finally to create another level of interaction between members and the Inland Revenue
so that problems we encounter in our practices , our Voice is heard at the highest level .

In his free time Alan follows premier league football, scours markets for bargains and demolishes any chocolate biscuits the kids are foolish enough to leave in the pantry!


Gary Upson

Mobile Phone: 021823501

Gary is a qualified Accountant who for the last 20 years has been operating his own event management company running events such as Rally NZ, the Auckland Marathon, Polyfest and Rally Australia. Gary currently operates a retail business in Auckland.

Gary commenced the role of CEO for ATAINZ on a part time basis in March 2017.


atainz, accountants, tax agents, institute, new zealand, accountants and tax agents institute